Forefund app
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Lend and borrow money with a light heart thanks to Forefund – the most reliable tool for accounting debts!
Stop feeling embarrassed each time you forget to pay back! Stop reminding friends to pay off the sum they owe you! Simple interface, understandable statistics and many other features are waiting for you!
What can you do with the help of Forefund?
Track debts and organize this information
So that you don’t forget about anything important. Sums you lend and borrow are in one place!
Control statistics using understandable metrics
How much do you owe? How much do others owe you? Find out from our app!
Stop missing the set day
Pay back exactly in time and avoid unnecessary conflicts. Forefund includes a smart reminder for such cases.
The most comfortable usage due to these features:
Different debts are grouped by people you owe to. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve borrowed from 1 person, all the debts are here
It’s possible to choose the most matching category for each entry: personal debts, bank loans and credits, taxes and fees, etc.
Share or edit every debt in a tap! Wanna edit non-relevant facts or just send information to your friends? Nothing can be easier!
Any other useful tools?
- Yes!
Face ID and Touch ID are always here for your safety, so don’t be afraid of losing confidential information regarding money flow.
We added multicurrency mode for you to choose the correct value and avoid misunderstanding because of the money conversion.
Is there anything you wish to add? Are you afraid of forgetting important details? Use notes! You are free to add as much info as needed!