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Privacy policy

Everyone who intends to use Forefund is highly recommended reading the following text before the installation! The user accepts all the Terms and Policies automatically the moment he starts interacting with our service.

1. Short summary

Privacy Policy - an official and fully legitimate document. It aims to inform the user of Forefund about all the measures and procedures connected with his data that will take place during the service. In addition, from this text the user can learn all the details regarding third parties, which will be involved to assure proper service, app distribution and marketing. Policy

2. Data we gather and process

The owner of Forefund collects different types of information from the user and the device he uses. Mainly, these are 2 data types: personal and technical. It may be partly supplied by the user himself or received automatically at the moment of installation. The automatically received data - the one, which was obtained after the installation, user’s in-app actions that led to errors, crash or other moments that require immediate interruption to be solved without aftermaths. We also reserve the right to collect free and open data from other sources.

Device requirements: IP address, operating system version, hardware model, mobile ID, screen resolution, network information, etc. Identifying data: the user’s real name and username on App Store, age, sex, country and some other information from open sources, which was displayed by the user at his will. In addition, we reserve the right to keep all the information given to us during direct communication with the user.

3. Cookies

We notify all the user that cookies and similar tracking technologies will be applied each time you:
• interact with our service,
• visit this website,
• launch the application itself.

In short, such files track the user’s online and in-app behavior, keep information about recent actions and preferences, etc. They help improve and customize the service to provide the best usage experience to everyone.

4. We gather the data to:

• provide an appropriate level of service and convenient usage experience,
• improve and personalize the direct communication with every user to reach higher efficiency,
• assure the required security level for the user’s data
• protect our product from unauthorized access or fraudulent activity from the user’s side,
• supply the third parties with the data they request (e.g. analytical, statistical or advertising companies we refer to),
• improve the functionality of Forefund, as well as the service we provide.

5. Data sharing

All the received information may be shared with third parties:
• with the user’s consent,
• with third-party service providers,
• for security purposes,
• to comply with the legal obligations.

If the owner of Forefund is ordered to give the stored user’s data to investigating authorities, he has to fulfill this official request.

6. Third-party advertising

As it was already mentioned in the paragraphs above, the owner of Forefund is allowed to involve third-parties for better service providing. Advertising is one of such purposes. Correct ad stream requires referring to competent advertising companies. We notify the user that some facts, received and stored in our database, will be shared with the mentioned companies. As usual, they require such information to customize ad content and make it more user-oriented (e.g. you will see banners and videos according to individual preferences, recent actions, geolocation and so on). Advertising is carried out on the target basis. The owner of Forefund isn’t responsible for the actions of third-party companies in any way. Mainly, this relates to the content of provided ads.ness cards and/or upload their pictures from the Gallery. Without this permission proper work of Holdery is impossible.

7. More about data safety

All the received data, which is stored in our database, is protected by the owner of Forefund. He is allowed to apply all the known, proven and generally accepted methods in order to keep it safe while transmitting and processing. These methods include, but aren’t limited to managerial, digital or physical procedures. Some of them may require the involvement of competent third-parties. Nevertheless, no ideal protection exists, so we always work on its improvement.

8. Required permissions

The permission to send notifications. Our service depends on this permission, as the application notifies the user at the set time/day. If the user doesn’t want to get notifications, he is free to refuse to give the permission. However, this will affect the workability and functionality of Forefund.

9. Complaints and disputes

The user of Forefund has a right to complain to the criminal investigating authority asking for lawful protection. The same goes for the app owner.

10. Privacy Policy updates

The service, the app and, as a result, the Privacy Policy document may be updated by the owner of Forefund. He is allowed to update the current text version at his sole discretion. Furthermore, the entire document, as well as its paragraphs and other parts, may be fully replaced with another one.

The user won’t be warned directly about the upcoming changes. All the information regarding updates, as well as the relevant text version, can be found on this particular web page.

11. Other details

If you have any questions or unsolved issues left after reading, then, please, contact the owner of Forefund or our Support. The available ways of getting in touch with us may be found on the matching web page.