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Terms of Use

The potential user is highly recommended reading the following text before the factual installation! If the user starts interacting with our service, including but not limited to the Forefund application, this means that he fully agrees with all the listed Terms.

Terms of Use text fully governs, regulates and controls the relationships between all the users and the owner of Forefund. The document consists of a list of compulsory statements, which are accepted by the user automatically at the moment of installation.

Main Terms:

• It happens that the future service providing requires updates of the application we distribute and the Terms of Use document, as a result. So, the official owner of Forefund reserves the right to update or replace the whole text version, as well as its separate parts.
• If such changes take place, the owner of Forefund doesn’t have to warn the user in advance or notify him directly.
• The new Terms of Use version becomes fully legitimate and relevant after publishing on this particular web page.
• Forbidden user’s actions: to copy or modify the program or just its parts; to use, share or distribute this copy; to extract or interact with the source code of Forefund.
• The user represents and warrants that none of his actions will violate the prescribed rules or the owner’s rights, harm or destroy our physical and intellectual property, etc.
• The owner of Forefund, as well as the user, has a right to refer to a competent investigating authority to protect his rights and property legally.
• The service will be denied immediately and without warning in case the user violates the owner’s rights, his warranties, harms or destroys our product or uses it for illegal purposes.


If you have any questions or unsolved issues left after reading, then, please, contact the owner of Forefund or our Support. The available ways of getting in touch with us may be found on the matching web page.